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Speedy Tuesday - Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse UniqueThe watch I'm going to discuss today is not new to this site whatsoever. Over time various generations (3 to be precise) of X-33 happen to be discussed around the pages of FratelloWatches. We did reviews; covered replica watches worn by astronauts and also did write-ups on personal stories linked with this model. Some love this watch, some say it isn't true to the heritage of the Speedy Pro and i also voice it out is an extremely interesting piece with a lot to supply. It is the perfect tool watch, personally something much like the Tissot T-Touch. Since you find many in-depth articles about the various functions and designs of the Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 I can't get into details. You are liberal to investigate page for related content, where my fellow Fratelli explain every function of these times piece. The model we have been about to take particular notice is unique in their looks and there's cause for it. Please fulfill the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse Special edition. First glanceI first met the Omega Speedmaster Professional Skywalker x-33 Solar Impulse Special edition (I promise That's not me gonna utilize the whole name whenever) within this year's Basel World and what instantly caught attention was - yes Yes, it sounds odd - the strap. Going in years past once i was participating in watch forums NATOs were only starting out to acquire identified by users. It was not a standard thing at all to provide a new watch which has a NATO as being a strap option. The tables are turned a case in point that it year every brand that desired to present something unexpected or sporty placed their replica watches on NATOs. Brands like TAG Heuer, Omega, Blancpain, Sinn or Bell and Ross other great tales and also on. Perhaps I'm able to claim that these straps are definitely the rubber straps from the 2010's. So it is no surprise that Omega equipped this exclusive edition using a blue and lime green NATO strap, without other bracelet option. But what's going on together with the odd colors? After all, the newest Spectre Seamaster also happens this kind of strap but far subtler colors. The answer is easy: Solar Impulse. Solar ImpulseThe project started 12 years ago when Solar impulse initiator, chairman and pilot Betrand Piccard, presented his notion of a solar-powered airplane to the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne), an investigation university in Lausanne, Switzerland. The theory arrived at the state run project launch, which occurred on the 28th of November precisely the same year. Omega joined the mission in 2006 as being the main partner. This partnership, however, was over a great PR stunt as Omega developed certain instruments for that project and equipped the c's using replica watches. These technological innovations helped the Solar Impulse Mission greatly watches . Machines including the "test bench" a tool that simulated the electrical system on the future-to-be plane on the floor, or warning systems just like the Omega Buzz, a 20-minute countdown alarm that guaranteed the pilot never falls asleep during airborne. With these and several other contributions towards the project, the primary Solar Impulse test flight occurred this year over Switzerland. Then, this year, the first intercontinental flight and in 2013, the 1st flight through the USA marked milestones in this mission. In 2014, a whole new Solar Impulse 2 (or Si2) was introduced and with this plane the round-the-world Solar Impulse flight removed. The work remains to be ongoing with another flight entered March 2015. Hopefully, it can continue in April 2016 after an urgent emergency stop because of technical difficulties forced the c's to pause the mission and develop a couple of problems the plane experienced.SI-Pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre BorschbergX-33The purpose of this exclusive edition would be to "celebrate OMEGA's unique partnership with rolex replica watches Solar Impulse project, whose ambitious aim is always to circle the earth in an airplane powered only through the sun." I could not have claimed it better. The watch consists of grade 2 titanium and weights under 60 grams. Having a blue ceramic bezel and Super Luminova coated indexes you'll be able to read to the pilots in night flight. Exacerbating the lightweight properties, the watch is strapped round the wrist with the aforementioned NATO strap resembling nowhere and lime green colors with the watch. It really is confined to 1924 pieces. This was the entire year the primary aerial circumnavigation accomplished by a small grouping of American Army Air Service (predecessor from the Air Force) pilots.The watch is run by Omega's quartz chronograph caliber 5619, which is same caliber you will find from the non-limited version. The interesting feature within the watch, rolex chronograph however, may be the case back. In the center you observe a state Solar Impulse logo using the text "Around the world" on the base from it and Solar Impulse above. The top case back bears the name of the watch "Speedmaster Skylwaker X-33" while underneath the Solar Impulse logo search for these: "Tested and qualified by ESA". ESA is short for the European Space Agency, another institution closely attached to the project and of course towards the Omega brand. At the very bottom in the case back the truth is the (limited) number. These cool details keep be visible on the strap. If we take particular notice the keepers around the NATO have a unique engraving related to the job like Omega, Solar Impulse and Si2. AppOne other fantastic aspect of the watch is perhaps you can download an iPad app for doing this. Well, but that there is not another version, iPad only. However it's free and you will find many cool options to choose between; you can observe the total plan from the circumnavigation, try the several functions from the watch, investigate history and Omega's involvement within the Solar Impulse project and lastly, best replica swiss watches discover ways to makes use of the many functions from the X-33 by using an interactive manual. If you pick the watch and possess an iPad, try it and i also guarantee you should have a new challenge to discover for months ahead.You can try the many functions of the watchInteractive manual of the watchYou can continue with the flight plan of the mission to see the space along with the elapsed days of the flightOmega Speedmaster Skylwalker X-33 Solar Impulse Special watch explainedThoughtsI loved the watch for it's colorful design and but hated the truth that I really could not determine every feature. It will require time, time and effort, to access know all the functions the Omega Skywalker X-33 Solar Impulse offers, but once you understand the right path around it, it is pretty handy everyday. Of course an active person could probably use more features than the usual "desk astronaut" but that is a personal preference. I wouldn't function as the anyone to wear the watch everyday, but if you require a cool watch that tells greater than time this may try to be normally the one available for you. The buying price of course reflects the supplies and technicality on the timepiece having a suggested list price of 900. It appears being a lot for any digital watch, except for a titanium cased, limited edition Omega Speedmaster loaded with this functionality, a bit worn by astronauts it is definitely not too bad.To learn more about this watch and other Omega models kindly visit their webpage. SI-Pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg